Western Sydney Infrastructure


Spatial Media was engaged to deliver a complete communications strategy for WSIP; The Australian and NSW governments funding of a 10 year, $3.6 billion road investment program for western Sydney.  Spatial Media delivered an interactive project portal, 9 videos, 3D interactive and our proprietary community feedback platform, which allows the public to ‘have their say.’


Within Spatial Media’s Community Analytics™ platform: www.communityanalytics.com.au/wsip the public is able to engage interactively with the project, download project information and supply questions and comments directly to the project team.

The Community Analytics™ platform can also be accessed on the RMS website here: www.rms.nsw.gov.au


  • Client : NSW Roads and Maritime Services
  • Date : 13/07/2015
  • Tags : Interactive Engagement Portals, Video Animations