Western Sydney Airport


Spatial Media was engaged to deliver a visual communications strategy for the Western Sydney Airport Project. The proposed airport promises to be one of Australia’s most exciting infrastructure projects in decades and will become Western Sydney’s international gateway.  Spatial Media delivered an interactive project portal, communications videos, 3D model orbit/images and our proprietary community feedback platform, which allows the public to ‘have their say.’


Within Spatial Media’s Community Analytics™ platform: v2.communityanalytics.com.au/dird/wsa the public is able to engage interactively with the project, download project information and supply questions and comments directly to the project team.

The Community Analytics™ platform can also be accessed on the The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website here: westernsydneyairport.gov.au


  • Client : The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  • Date : 11/12/2016
  • Tags : Interactive Engagement Portals