Virtual Engagement Room

Dynamic and Fully-Interactive


With accessibility to real-life consultation events being a challenge, Spatial Media was approached to produce a bespoke ‘virtual engagement room’ – allowing anyone with access to a web-enabled device or computer to visit an event online. A wealth of project information, expert videos & LIVE chats/webinars including data and media, is displayed at-a-glance in a fully-realised 360° environment (with day/night lighting set to the time of device being used).


Virtual engagement rooms are comprehensively tracked with Community Analytics. This allows detailed, quality stakeholder data to be viewed in real-time and accessed/exported easily; ensuring ROI and informed insight for future events.


Explore the Virtual Engagement Room:


  • Client : Sydney Metro
  • Date : 05/06/2020
  • Tags : 3D Visualisations & Videos, Interactive Engagement Portals