Rozelle Interchange UDLP

Transforming and revitalising Rozelle.


WestConnex engaged Spatial Media to produce a ‘have your say’ interactive engagement portal and Virtual Information Centre for the Rozelle Interchange Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP). This groundbreaking project is set to revitalise the project’s broader area with dynamic green spaces and communal areas for visitors, residents and local communities.


The interactive engagement portal and Virtual Information Centre contain all information relating to the UDLP, presented in concise sections for easy referencing. The entire project document, separated into chapters, is also available for comprehensive review.


The Virtual Information Centre allows the public to learn more about the UDLP in a fully-interactive environment. With social distancing restrictions in place, the online platform offers a convenient alternative to a real-life visit that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Explore the portal:


Visit the Virtual Information Centre:


Additional project information:



  • Client : WestConnex
  • Date : 13/08/2020
  • Tags : Virtual Rooms