M4 Smart Motorway

Intelligent technology for the M4.


Spatial Media was engaged to deliver a visual communications strategy for the M4 Smart Motorway Project. The M4 Smart Motorway will improve travel along the M4 by using real-time information, communication and traffic management tools to provide motorists with a safer, smoother and more reliable journey.


Within Spatial Media’s Community Analytics (CA) platform, the public is able to engage interactively with the motorway’s map and features including variable speed signs, entry ramp signals and travel time signs as they continue to be rolled out progressively as part of major freeway upgrades.


View the interactive engagement portal:



A custom 360 VR app was created, allowing stakeholders to experience the future road design from any device: download the iPhone app here.


  • Client : Transport for NSW
  • Date : 14/06/2017
  • Tags : Engagement Portals & Interactive Maps