City Walk Upgrade


Through our collaboration with Formswell, Spatial Media was engaged to create an interactive engagement mini-portal for City Renewal Authority’s upgrades of “City Walk” – an open community space in Civic, Canberra. As part of a 1.6 million-dollar commitment made by the ACT Government, this significant revitalisation will include comprehensive landscaping improvements as well as new communal seating arrangements.


This unique visual communications mini-portal allows the public to easily explore and interact with the project; it includes dynamically-interactive 3D models and looping 3D animations, showcasing the area as it will appear upon completion of upgrade works.


Explore the interactive engagement mini-portal:


Additional project information:

City Renewal Authority


  • Client : City Renewal Authority
  • Date : 21/07/2020
  • Tags : Engagement Portals & Interactive Maps