CIT Virtual Room

Transforming Woden's town centre.


In collaboration with Formswell, Spatial Media was approached to create a bespoke ‘Virtual Engagement Room’ for Major Projects Canberra’s CIT Campus – Woden project. The approved educational hub is set to transform the town centre, with major developments being considered for a public transport interchange, accompanied by significant road upgrades.


The Virtual Engagement Room showcases the scope of proposed developments through comprehensive documentation and media. Attendees can quickly sign up for project updates and are encouraged to ‘have their say’ by leaving feedback.


Spatial Media’s Virtual Engagement Rooms allow anyone with access to a web-enabled device to visit a community event online, during times of social distancing restrictions. For more examples and information, please click here.


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  • Client : Major Projects Canberra
  • Date : 03/12/2020
  • Tags : Virtual Rooms